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honourable mentions - 2016

Unsocial Media by Georgina Titmus

Shaming spotlight
infiltrates the soul
sheltering shell violated
splintered, destroyed
every slight amplified
shared, the emotional
safety-net of

Alarms by Daniel Bick

I opened the curtains to let what was left
of this night blend in. Streetlamp
stretched taught along my bed's residual warmth

as I looked down on Bartholomew Street
and found the parts of myself time didn't own.

Gripping cracked putty on tip-toe,
                                                 I watched
a city worn fox complete its circuit
in the park opposite,

while a draft whispered it routine Mr Humphreys:
upstairs,     awake,

and chain smoking out of his bedroom window.

I pretended to pick away the clouds
wrapping brambled smirks around these passing constellations

pictured in vague reflected yawns lured upright
by the dull hurricanes of income
                                                 to pixelate me
and rich, like this buddleia's snaffled gap
in the third floor pointing. Gripped

beside these copper pipes gurgled malachite pre-set heating
and tell me

it must be morning.
                             The dawn chorus

of road sweepers thrashed bristles around the turn
steered towards me
                          with corner tight proud callouses.

Ace colonoscopy doctor Larry Borowsky ™ by Matthew Harris

Ask any devotee of above named gastroenterologist that this officious military licensed
cheeky knuckler, n'er kissed gluteus maximus - he soldiered thru med school despite getting
pissed off &/or pooped out from rigorous regimen now he knows irritable bowels of the
human excretory system, which iz alimentary and familiar to him - as flickr ring sleight of
handy linkedin quicken wrist zooms

into grab bag of medicinal tricks - mimics waving magic wand bitta bang prestidigitation
with abracadabra of anal scope brings - a dang gustatory scenic aerated holy smoker of a
rectum, a waste land fang less, but the seat of where dingle berries sometimes hang whence
undergoing this behind the scenes procedure where smelly n silent sonnets from sphincter

most times flatulence relieved in a private place post op - when probe boss hisses ass s
ment within sterile space scrutinizes whether patient will live long or depart from the human
race which rear ring to go specialist an unheralded doctor relieving unseen anguish (at least
from me) without a trace

which gratitude spurred this crappy attempt to compose this verse to express appreciation
sans clean bill of health and dis purse anticipatory anxiety this pooper trooper endured with

abby - actually thy spouse, who nudged me to undergo this examination

lest she bare witness to become a widow following mine hearse if hypothetical demise
came to pass, thou deceased would hear her loud curse sing - lobbing unstoppably enema
brought out from downed colyte expletives interspersed with my name - matt matt matt
&/or visa versa - exhibiting her master card hearted shark within mad as a hat er never
forgiving nor forgetting how we happen to be flat broke nearly the entire coup d'état of our
marriage - juiced reaching cheeky tush pinching cat a tonic gin jure lee tacit dynamic rapport
- where this arched ding bat saved from such a premature death analogous to scrooge rum
main ing alive at least until har deux darling daughters married with children of their own
which pass to longevity courtesy of doctor Larry m Borowsky who did hone his trained hands
n eyes to scout out suspicious cellular demons whose aim of innocuous microbial pirates to
destroy life e pluribus enum alone!

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