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Canal Bridges
207B, 207E,
Turn around.
207E, B, A, 206.

At the first bridge I took the book
out of my pocket,
took the pen from by my breast,
and wrote on the first line of a clean white page
two-o-seven B.

She stopped – laughed – looked
over my shoulder,
her face only inches from mine,
now I deep in thought.
I tapped the pen nervously on the cover.
She laughed.
She has a beautiful laugh.

I had wanted so much to grab her hand.
Thought over it again and again
we talked of trivial matters:
the other night’s episode of University Challenge.
I had wanted so much …
I walked with her side-by-side by the canal that day.

We passed under a grotty canal bridge;
this side of the town wasn’t nearly
as nice as I’d thought.
Still I took the book from my pocket.
two-o-seven E.

Only a few paces more, then we turned around.
Back under 207E,
through the shadow of 207B,
and onwards.
I took the book once again from my pocket:
two-o-seven A.
I remember so well, that beautiful laugh.

I can’t remember where it was we kissed,
between ’05 and ’06?
I’d take the book from my pocket,
write something like two-o-four A then
look back to see I’d missed
my chance.
Her hand already back between the sheets of cloth.

© Alexander Bickley 2018  England

I am There
I cannot ease your pain,
Nor lessen your sorrow,
I cannot mend your broken heart,
Nor give you hope for tomorrow,
I cannot move time to when you are healed,
Nor soothe you, but stand by your side.

I can hold your hand,
And whisper words of comfort,
I can share your pain,
And like a candle in the darkness- search for hope,
I can wait with patience and understanding-
until you are ready,
And you will know I am always there.

© JULIE ACHILLES 2018  England

My desire
Up from the Savannah land of grassland
Down into Ariad sand of wonderland
Dream abound from the deepness bond heart
Elated by such desires and zealous for a start

Flowing from the mountain of passion
As it flourishes in favour and compassion
Burning brightly like an unquenchable fire
In everything I do always inspire

In dark night moon of blood
Even within Nile of cries of flood
To the sabotaging sun flames of fire
Or thrown into the seas chained with wire

Then will fascination stand as Ojos de Salado
Ready to defend and bounce anyone like Tupungatito
Every obstacles shall be broken down recklessly
As enthusiasm finds its way into fulfillment bravely

My desire is never to kill or have fame
In any way make any man lame
That which hold the pride of the world
Fight in battles without using a sword

Though may abode somewhere in Africa
But surely it will pass across the world even through America
Hardship and destitution may be the order of the day
But in hopefulness will find it's way

At the sight of if such makes my heart linger in joyfulness
Patters as it makes my heart feeling the bitterness
But my desire is what I have deem
Therefore my desire will always be my dream

© Henry Ayodele 2018  Nigeria

The Song Of Ice And Rain
Standing in the rain as i felt the pain
The drops were my tears,
Face placid, storms inside my heart
The thunder i could hear.

The time falling in liquid form,
Each drop as it touched my lashes
I saw my past, beautiful and bright
One moment's rising flames, now just ashes.

Distant memories of what once seemed so near
Flowing away with the winds never to return,
Only if i could hold the air
And relive the moments ravishing as Saturn!

I held my breadth as i felt the chill,
Standing alone in the hollow space
Shivering, trembling, feeling the cold softness
Of the flakes as it fell over my face.

The time freezes with heart
The tear freezes with time
Beautiful darkness, peaceful sleep
As the last light shone like rime.

© tanvi agrawal 2018  India

The Haunted Hacienda
Like a baffled king composing an
Alleluia -
Only, there is no piccolo;
but wait, the ciggy
seems like a fife.

Donned in cyclones
emitted by a tobacco tube;
the haunted hacienda
wonder and ponder -
the duo
is together and apart.

Behold! Lo!
What's on their awareness?
No one knows, not even them.
Perhaps, they are lost
in mañana.

The spooky condos reevaluate
their appraisal -
They are locked in a
cold war
or hexed by the god of
locked-in syndrome.

The conjecture continues
until mañana and mañana
but the haunted hacienda
will not
retire to sleep.

© Success Akpojotor 2018  England

Take Some Time With Me
These are troubled times for such a tender soul, I know.
All the hot and cold take their toll and tomorrow holds no guarantee.
Some are fighting to be right, some are fighting to be free
And there you stand all alone, somewhere in-between.

Come lay with me I'll kiss your pain away.
In the safety of the silence, I'll soothe the raging ache.
Let me hold you close, dry your tears, love you deep and calm your fears.
Tomorrow will come soon enough so take some time with me.

These are trying times for a hippie child, I know.
All the bitter words and violence feed the hatred and it grows.
All the wounded hearts and bleeding souls gather at your feet.
A million voices shouting out drown your pleas for love and peace.

Come lay with me I'll kiss your pain away.
In the safety of the silence, I'll soothe the raging ache.
Let me hold you close, dry your tears, love you deep and calm your fears.
Tomorrow will come soon enough so take some time with me.

© Robbie Houck 2018  United States

Yes I Was Rude
I Was Rude And I Know It.

I Know There Are No Valid Excuses or Justifications,

Most Of Times, I Fight with You on Nonsensical Things.
Yet I Don't Know Why and How You Forgive Me Always.

I Feel So Bad, For Being So Rude,

I Am So sorry, I Did Not Want To Hurt You.

I Messed Up Your Mood.

I'm Really Sorry, That's Genuinely From My Heart.

I Promised To Treat You Like My Queen,

But I Failed Every Time..

That Does Not Mean I Don't Love You

I Am Trying... And I'm trying My Best.

What I Am Trying To Really Say is that,
My Love For You Keeps Growing Every Single day.
We Should Never, Ever Ever Fight,
I Need you,
Not For a Week or Month...

© Jijo M Johns 2018  India

Different thought
That one different thought
strikes my mind
Day after day
And night after night.
Contemporary rhymes
Play the violin of musical line.
Yes! Just a seam
Less of words and letters
Because it rings the silence.

Turn up to, let the sound
Weave the words and string it around,
To keep me in town of clowns
Off the streets round and round.

That drop in sea
Of pain to cease
....love proffered indeed.
Lucky was the demon
Mooched the luster
And cracked up enough.
Ditched for every corner
That thought stroked me up
With Deja Vu ,unknown .

For a week after cease ,
Insanely curving self
I sat pretended ease.
Recognized the scene
For it was the constellation
Of memories collaborating .

I now got the sensing ;
My dream wasn't what I'd imagined .
But it is beyond more
That is now my goal.....
Call me maniac - shimming
For I aim to stay alone
Caring and orphan girl ,
Then becoming the wonder eleven ,
Granny! In the age of just 47.

That one different thought ,
Will make me exist the puddle
Named world.

© Kanishka Gupta 2018  India

I Love Her…
Her smile kills me
And so do her tears
There's honesty in her eyes
And also in her words

She jumps with joy
For every little thing she gets
All the tragic drama
In a flash, she forgets

Her heart is sooo big
She binds us all together
Smallest of the small things
EveryThing she remembers

I love her, only her
And I always will
But rarely in someone
I just get a glimpse

Often I see fear in her eyes
I can see a fakeness in her smile
Lying to herself, she forgot herself
But how do I tell her?

© P K 2018  India

I'm gonna call her faith
Keep the faith
You said
A tiny little bundle trusting and sincere
Fuck sake she's shit again
Peeing herself through fright
From the sound of your
Booming vile mouth
The weeks turned into months
She wouldn't eat
You made her sad
She ripped the lino
She chewed the door frame
My belly churned
I had a plan
To set her free
From your warped hands
You gave her back at nearly two
She's happy now
Much more than you
We changed her name
To fairy fay
Who was it said keep the Faith

© Julie Anne Eve 2018  England

Attachment (haiku)
Autumn moonlight, weeps
a dog silently, hearing
its dead master's laugh

© Mahesh Mayanglambam 2018  India

Ploys of life
I do not comprehend
ploys of life
no nod for laughs, aid no tears
ambushes at every bend
adds a proof
fate's cruel diversion with fears,

gives not a chance to tend
any relief
to evade doomed souvenirs
abides all without end
paints future in uncertain veneers.

Tide of sorrows fend
shattered reef
broken hopes crash piers
happiness shortened
by grief
silently again disappears.

© MRUDULA RANI Naidu 2018  Brazil

6 months have already passed by,
And I terribly miss you, for why would I lie?
Neither is there a day nor a moment,
When I don’t yearn for your nicotine tinged musky scent.
Since the day you have decided to unite with the free elves,
All have had their share of bottled emotions,
Be it your pen, glasses or your books on shelves!
There still lies your half-baked poetry,
Properly ironed between the pages of Shakespeare’s verse,
Of the love professed by Touchstone for Audrey,
And waiting for your nib to shower its mirth!
In the cabinet,
There still lies our vintage tinted photograph,
Passionately, caressing the pages of “The Telegraph”.
Still abandoned lies your prized Black Parker,
Perhaps an eminence of your dowry,
Its nib had faced it all,
Your whim of feast, famine and of lands being arid and sultry!
Craving for your touch lies this Benson and Hedges,
Over whose soul you definitely have won,
And now it lies there being totally undone!
There in the ashtray still lies your half-burnt cigarette,
Perhaps it was lucky enough to eavesdrop the fancies of Aunt Margarette!
Sometimes I do really envy,
For that smoke which had the chance to intertwine,
Its path with the great man with whom I once did dine!
And now who would believe,
For that yesterday when we sieved,
Countless memories to a moment,
And today there is me rewinding and playing,
These memories tumescence!
Else who would have imagined?
Me trying to cajole words for my whim,
Just like the delusionary Aunt Margarette,
Perhaps the best personification by My Grandpa, with a cigarette!

© Mimansa Mohanty 2018  India

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