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Up and Over Bacon Butty
‘Up and Over’ was me walking with their fragile bodies
in my hands as they squirmed on the rope-swing seat.
My arms in the air, then letting them go over my head
to plunge down over the gush of water,
and back up above the far side of the stream,
high across the sun that dipped behind the hills.
We’d scream - it’s an ‘Up and Over Bacon Butty’
and laugh each time as if the thought was newly minted.
The bacon butty had no relation to anything.

I hung the swing on the day we moved in,
tying one end of rope to a hammer
and throwing it like Thor over a branch
that beamed from the leaning ash.
They thought I was a God
and I felt like Tarzan with my Jane watching on.
The minute I stowed the garden tools
they’d yell that mad name and I’d push them,
high, and let go, until my arms were jelly.

When we began to see worry, when dreams grew weeds
The garden acre swung heavy around our necks
I saw the branch of ash as firewood
she saw danger that would snap and crush heads.
There is no memento of that rope-swing,
‘Up and Over Bacon Butty’ was a charm never bottled
but sung out loud, on the flying spur of the moment
and once the spell was broken
only the dull incantation of time took its place.

© Steven John 2017  England

It was fire
Yes, our love was
It was my torch
Lighting up the world around me
And I saw the beauty
And pain
We carved our love upon
It grew, of course
Like a forest fire that spreads from tree to tree
And we laughed
Always together
At this world we set up in flames
And you set fire to rain
Our fire
burned too bright
Too fast
Leaving me nothing but wisps of smoke and dying embers
You left, reborn from your ashes,
From those flames you turned beautiful
But I couldn’t
I burned
And I fell
into your embers
As my whole world fell apart
Those dying embers leave that bittersweet taste
of you

© Isabel Zhou 2017  Singapore

I'll cry
I won't be surprised
If my hands shiver
If my eyes get full of tears
If I ever see you again

I gave my best
Wasn't concerned about you ever
Presumed you to be clever
Loved you as much as never

Not because I'm hurt
Not because you did wrong
But to be true to myself
I won't fake a smile

To express what I can't in words
In a kiss or a hug
Just seeing you in front of me
I'll cry; please forgive me, if possible

© Pranav Niturkar 2017  India

The Facade
Borrowed skin,
Concocted grin.
Swagger in gait,
A dainty estate.
Listless ways dot the pace
of man who feigns a beckoning face.
He dreams unsure of
aisle obscure;
entrapped in fame,
drinks allure.
Shrunken shimmers
plated with gold
blind the eyes
pretence that hold.
Flavoured breath flitted from crowd,
creeps and peeps;
shallow yet proud.
Sits inside
a fidgety soul
astir with lies
and half-baked smiles;
wells with tears
that never were shed
for duties undone
and promises withheld.

© Nikita V 2017  India

Goodbye, Friend
I think this friend of mine, is someone you all know,
I'm not sure if you've actually met her as such.
She's someone who always finds me, when I'm at my very low.
To be honest with you, I do not like her very much.

And what about you, is she someone you adore?
Let me tell you my experience,
then maybe you can tell me about yours.

I don't consider her a friend at all,
but she claims herself to be,
the only one who always comes,
when I'm faced with difficulty.

She always greets me with a smile,
she always says she cares.
But not once has she ever done anything,
to make her words sound fair.

She would come to me during tough times first,
And not once has she missed the chance,
to make the situation ten times worse,
and leave me behind in a trance.

She says she knows what's best for me,
and claims she's great with advice.
But all she has ever done till now,
is point out my flaws and criticize.

Don't ever let her get into your head,
for she is sure to start a war,
between what you know and what you feel,
And watch as a silent spectator.

She will make you think twice,
about every decision you make.
And in the end blame you,
for what was all her mistake.

She'll stagnate your growth
and ruin your dreams.
She'll make every little thing,
way more complicated than it seems.

This is my experience in a nutshell,
Now its time for you to share.
Has she already disrupted your life as well?
If not as yet, better beware.

Self doubt, my dear old friend,
though you've always been there for me.
Your presence in my life has only been
an uninvited company..

Mountains out of mole hills, and filling my head with doubt.
Clouding my mind with fear, that's what you've been doing throughout.

I want to thank you, for showing me
what you had perceived me to be,
But also thank you for making it clear,
that I'm much greater than what you see.

© Niveditha Prabhakar 2017  India

woods and fire
when the fire dies,something's
when the fire dies,darkness takes charge.

The wood started the fire,we can't put something else except Wood's to make more fire.
Love needs more love to stay alive.
Let's put more love to love,
Let's put more Wood's to make more fire.

Love is fire,let's put more wood's to make more fire.

© Laurance Phiello Sebiloane 2017  South Africa

The Nightingale
There once was a tale

Of a Nightingale

With wings made of pure gold

And as the thieves cared not for the cold

They began an epic quest

They journeyed through towns

Passed people with frowns

For days and nights

Until they could see lights

Behind their closed eyes

Finally, they found

A man with a crown

Who said that they must turn back around

But they did not

And they continued on their way

They followed the stream

As a full team

And they saw a wondrous bird

© Rosellas parker 2017  Australia

I befriended my demons
As i shared moments of happiness
I was crowded with friends
But as sadness
Knocked on my door
Everyone left my hand
I looked around as i was surrounded by darkness
I screamed but nobody responded
To my helplessness

They always told me i was the best.but
As am lying on the ground
They treat me
Like pest

I felt a hand on my shoulder
In hope he may stay forever
I embraced the stranger
But he stabbed me too in the back
With a dagger
I bleed and bleed Until my soul left my body
In the dark night
As the mood hid behind the clouds
Even my shadow left like everybody

I learnt as i was hurt
The only one stuck by my side were the monsters of whom i was once afraid
So then
A monster was made

The demons from whom i would once run
Are now here with arms open

Embracing me as we become one

To the world i was long forgone
I will come again
To avenge for the pain
For all the tears
I shed alone in the rain..

© Wozir Shehzanah 2017  Mauritius

My Special ones
My heart has a big room in the midst
Wherein I keep myself locked
Once in a while I do open it
and let some one special come inside

Once in, never can you get out of it
For me never open the exit door
Now you are mine,in my heart
You lifetime friend of mine

May argue, fight, never listen to you
May not do what you wish me do
But, my friend, I can’t stop loving you
You, in me, in the room, in the midst

I feel your heart beats,my dear friend
Keep you in the room very secured
Coz you are very rare to let go off me
You the special one made for me


© Sreekanth Sreedhar 2017  India

Bird In The Rain
As an ice wind numbs,
As the quiet that follows,
As the rustle of leaves,
Kicked into shape.
By a tread and pace, fast,
As a hood is pulled up,
And umbrella's blow,
The smaller creatures hiding low.

The bird in the rain,
Bedraggled,looks on,
As food so scarce,
His hope is all but gone.
Little bird in the rain,
A bounty of food is on its way,
Bright,luscious berries
Starts your new day.
And then,when spring leaps,
And females abound,
You'll learn to love these new things found.

Tanya Fillbrook.

© Tanya Fillbrook 2017  England

Skyscrapers pierce the sullen sky,
Smoke from factories chokes the air
Settling on houses making their bricks black,
A weeping willow hangs with despair
Over a pond the colour of coal,
There are no longer any birds to feed,
Instead rubbish floats on the pond,
And a dustbin lid lies by the road.

Cigarette butts blow from the pavement,
Drains stink of raw sewage,
A rat scampers from a split refuse bag
And scurries into the park which is dark
'Though it's only three in the afternoon,
But clouds,like sacks of soot,
Have killed Sun and brought gloom;
The only sounds are a dog's bark,
And a church bell clangs with doom.

The church is covered with graffiti,
Its windows are smeared with grime,
The church stands alone by the road
As shops nearby have closed;
The organ plays and people pine
Hymns that can't be recognized;
A tramp squats in the churchyard injecting his arm,
While a boy urinates by the church gate,
And a woman crouches by one of the graves,
Tears streaming her sunken face.

© Sarah Lipton 2017  England

ode to 6th floor
planting myself into those cold dark corners, thinking about all my gone good friends, Gone I mean gone, now living together at 6th floor. Starting from Emeka, Joy, Kelvin, Nnenna
And not even one of those that despise me.
This irony of life, This other side of life, This unfair treatment from life,
This life, This great loss of lives.
I'm here standing all alone, no other good close guy around, Surrounded by those that think me Bossy, boring, stupid, an alien. Those who have just an unofficial incomplete one sided view of me. Having their own definition of my very own self.
I'm beginning to wonder why I'm still left among this people, Hearing everything they say, Seeing the result of their mischieves on me, Feeling the pains, Hiding all this excruciating pains behind my ever smiling face. That pain eating a part of me, My lifestyle, My being,
All of me.
Suddenly I began hearing The most boisterous loud cry, The loudest, The wierdiest, The most shrieking.
Then the parting
It came to my subconscious how Ken left when he also faced this same situation. I can remember those his blue pills that takes away breath without pains
The urge to end this depression increasing, The eagerness to reunite with the good ones escalating, But the morale to take the blue pill diminishing.
Then I heard The other voice, The other voice encouraging me to stand and go walk with the good ones again. The other voice
telling me to stay put and turn my enemies into allies, The other voice and the other voice causing a trauma within me. The other voice and the other voice creating great confusion in my head.
Then, The dizziness in my eyes. And a deafening argument blasting my ears.
Suddenly the calm that followed afterwards, An unusual great beautiful tranquillity presides, I feel that this war is over.
Yes!!!!! The war is over, a victor has been declared.
The other voice has won the other voice, This victorious voice creating great images on my head, This victorious voice took me to the front of the biggest addition symbol, it's the cross.
That cross with a worn out rag placed on it, On that haunted valley, That valley where, the skulls are weary of stinking, and the sand has become too thick out of blood.
The wails
those wails that has long died down kept on resounding in my ears.
This victorious voice enveloped the wails saying

© Ambassador Amakor 2017  Nigeria

The warmest winters day
We sat side by side
on a cold winters day
My heart was heavy
a jar of metal bolts
sadness overflowed,
a frothy frappachino,
chilling every bone.

Salty tears raced down
a relentless tsunami. Unstoppable.
An avalanche.

Hot shame scalded from every pore,
Boiled by self hate.
Eyes downcast, avoiding distain,
the sound of the gavel
permanently stored in my brain.

I felt a strange sensation,
one I could not name,
a pleasant warmth
I looked into your sunny gaze,
it was kindness erupting on
the warmest winters day.

© Lisa Nicol 2017  Scotland

Santa Claus dancez
Santa Claus dances

Christmas star shines on
Throughout the year

Children dreams of candy, toys
Santa comes dancing in the night
Spreading Christmas joy

© Mary Steffen 2017  United States

Her touch was like ecstasy
Her sweet mind and body consumed my every thought.
My addiction was a sin.
And each time I kissed those plump lips
I could feel my demons taunting me.
So, I close my eyes trying to run away from reality.
Days fly past and everything around me seemed to lose colour and become dull.
The presence of her bought more brightness to my soul.
Colours tainted with evil.
And when she leaves all I hear is my echoes of agony asking to be saved.
Those echoes were my demon.
She was my demon.
My screams became music to her ears.
Whilst my greed lured me in more, the comfort of having someone there.
Someone who took me out of this painful reality.
I used my knife to feel the pain to bring me back.
But being on edge, my blade become blunt.
My crime was all that defined me.
Too bad, it’s too sweet.

© Sofia Sayani 2017  England

Youth is something so interesting you know?
I am now still in my youth of course, This I know, but the things I have learned in my first half of it cannot be erased
I remember in the beginning when my youth was shining in extreme hues of red, green, and blue
I was in a freshmen generation of degenerate beauty queens and glorified addicts
Their eyes gleamed with glee as they slowly transformed me into their image
At first it is a rather thrilling and exciting thing
Me and the people I had come to call friends had fun in the wild thrill of things
The loneliness still seeped into every pore but that couldn’t be helped
If at least I wasn't alone for a short time I could suffer the ringing silence
I remember times I was so enthralled by it all I lost my senses even more
I remember when we all had fun exactly like in the movie scenes
Living just like those people in the high life
There was no limits and boundless energy to do as we wished but,
I remember the pain and anguish each of us suffered
I remember them being the only friends I ever had and watching them fade away
One by one it dwindled with the years going by and then there was only me
Left behind as life began anew for me as well as the others
Maybe it was all in good reason for why it all happened this way
Maybe it happened so I understand the ways of youth
I will never get back what I lost, But I can certainly still gain many things
The things that stick to me the most is
Youth is fleeting
Youth is gone before it even begins
Youth is your ending as it is your beginning

© Querida Balandran 2017  United States

सुर्ख लाल रंग लहू से लिख दिया पैगाम ये
क्रांति आने वाली है कर ले खुद को तैयार वे
अभिमान उन का अब पैरो तले रौंदा जाएगा
हस्ती-बस्ती, खेल-तमाशे और काम न आएगा
हुक्मरानो कि नगरी मे अब परचम फकीरो का होगा
कुछ तमाशबीन भी होगे कुछ तमाशा भी होगा
शंखनाद से शुरू हो गया जीत का संग्राम ये
सुर्ख लाल रंग लहू से लिख दिया पैगाम ये
क्रांति आने वाली है कर ले खुद को तैयार वे।

रक्त बहे तो बहने दो कुछ अपने भी कुछ उन के भी
जबतक सिर है धर पे रूके न संग्राम ये
सो रही तलवारो को रक्त रंजित हो जाने दो
जो झुक जाए शरण मे लेलो बाकियओ को कटने जाने दो
कौन है अपना कौन पराया ये वक्त नही है मंथन का
रणभूमि ये धर्म युद्ध का ये वक्त बढते रहने का
कई सदियो से चली आ रही रिति बदली जाएगी
बेबुनियादी ढांचाओ की नीति बदली जाएगी
नया सवेरा होने को है कर दिया ऐलान ये
सुर्ख लाल रंग लहू से लिख दिया पैगाम ये
क्रांति आने वाली है कर ले खुद को तैयार वे।।

© Avinash jha 2017  India

You Never Die
Words winding the burnt pages,
–Ashes to air
Lives that once held onto million ages...

Like the lost secrets and I
Could never be chased;
Loud silence to charm the nights, while the daylight is ever untraced!

© Sameer Ved 2017  India

Sins & Me... !!
Why can’t we stay along, why bliss is far from,

My Weal might have made this Accord.

Every mistake is not mine,

Anyone else would have done this Crime.

You are suspecting the Gale,

Candle might have blown of Stale.

I’m wrong and you are right,

This might be your Oversight.

It might be your Illusion.

I know, I am not Mum,

I understand your Sophism.

“Pawar” must have learned from life’s Fail,

Candle might have blown of Stale.

Emphatic you always say,

Still I Ignore your Infamy.

I loved you, to the core,

Like sailor does to Sail.

You are suspecting the Gale,

Candle might have blown of Stale.

© Nitin Pawar 2017  India

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